The Lady Demands Satisfaction!

Babes with blades theatre co.  at  CITY LIT THEATRE

July 2018

Jeff recommended


Directed by Morgan Manasa

Set Design: Chas Mathieu

Lighting Design: Becs Bartle

Costume Design: Carlie Casas

Properties: Stefanie Johnsen

Technical Direction: Becca Venable

Stage Management: Kayla Menz

Additional Photos: Joe Mazza / Brave Lux


After young Trothe learns of the death of her father she has just a week to learn the art of the sword to protect her home and its land.  Trothe seeks out the help of famed swordswoman, Theodosia, who also happens to be her aunt, to teach her the art of the sword.  But after seeking out additional help from her servants, the plot gets a bit more complicated.