The days are shorter

Pride films and plays At Pride arts center - the buena

May 2018

Directed by Iris Sowlat

Set Design & Technical Direction: Chas Z. Mathieu

Lighting Design: Liz Cooper

Costume Design: Sanja Manakoski

Properties: Danielle Myerscough

Stage Management: Jessie Cole

Julia's world is crashing in around her and she is getting older.  She longs for the success of her ex-lover and friend, Pax, but the spark and youthfulness that her partner, Treat, and to be content with her age like her client, Ada.  In Julia's journey to be comfortable with her age, she learns to love herself and refocus her outlook on the world around her.  Julia's breakthrough comes in an abstract dreamlike state in the climax of the play.


Photos courtesy of Liz Cooper