Little Shop of Horrors

Sheldon patinkin Theatre  at Columbia College Chicago

March 2017


Directed by David Woolley

Set Design: Chas Mathieu

Lighting Design: Benjamin Witt

Costume Design: Endia Brown-Bey

Puppet Design: Hayden Penn

Properties: Grant Sabin

Stage Management: Audrey Kleine

This cult-classic favorite, follows the story of Seymour Krelborn, a meek florist on Skid Row, who has the unfortunate task of raising and providing for his strange and unusual plant.  Murder, love, fortune, and fame quickly consume and confuse the young botanical genius as he raises his man-eating plant from outer-space.


*Design elements from this production were on display at the Hokin Gallery as part of the 2017 Hokin Honors Exhibition.  Pieces on display included: the 1/2" set model, the show-used curtain, marker renderings and a slide show of photos taken of the production.