Collaboraction Studios - The PENTAGON, THE VAULT, & Touring chicago Parks

January 2018


Artistic Director: Anthony Moseley

Scenic Design:  Chas Mathieu

Lighting Design: Levi Wilkins

Costume Design: Connor Speck

Projection Design: Livui Pasare

Properties: Katy Vest

Technical Direction: Manny Ortiz


Produced by Collaboraction, Encounter, is a collection of pieces of dance, film, music, theatre, and more devoted to racial healing in Chicago.  With a variety of different pieces in two of Collaboraction's spaces, I wanted them to have similar designs and aesthetics, but also be unique and serve their own function.  The Pentagon featured two longer solo shows in repertory and had themes of home.  So I wanted to give it a warmer more inviting space, more evocative of a living room.  The performances in the Vault had numerous artists and acts and I wanted to design a space that was flexible to the different styles of performance.  Projections were vital to this space since several films were shown in this space, but also allowed other acts to use another design element to enhance their piece of art.

*Some production photos by Joel Maisonet and Anthony Moseley